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Amir Naftali, CTO, FortyCloud
Amir Naftali, CTO, FortyCloud

Frequently Asked Questions

What does my free trial include?
You can test live migration from any platform to any cloud with (or without) complete disaster recovery including continuous replication and one click failover.

How much would it cost after my trial?
To get a quote for your application, please contact us.

How does CloudEndure work?
CloudEndure enables cloud workload mobility using continuous replication of your entire cloud application stack. A single click creates an exact replica of the entire workload, including its up-to-the-second consistent state at a target cloud location within minutes, complete with instances, attached volumes containing all the data, network topology, firewalls, and more

What is the set-up process?
CloudEndure is a SaaS product and takes just 5 minutes to set up. No hardware is required.

What cloud providers do you support?
CloudEndure supports migration from any platform (physical or virtualized) to AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, OpenStack or CloudStack Cloud.

What parts of my application are replicated?
Machines (including OS, files and disks), volumes and network topology are all replicated.

Can CloudEndure affect my app’s performance?
CloudEndure uses asynchronous replication, which means it has zero impact on your app’s performance.